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Tires and Wheels

Selling and Repairing Your Car or Truck's Tires!
  • Most Auto Services AND NOW TIRES!
  • Carrying Goodyear, Bridgestone, & Other Major Brands
  • We Offer Same-Day Service!
  • Snow Tire Changeovers
  • Run-Flat Tires, Rims, and Wheels too!
Woodinville Tire Shop
Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair has been handling COMPLETE auto repair for your car or truck for years. There are very few services we don't handle right here. One of those services we did not cover used to be your tire needs, but we now offer tires and every service you need to keep them working well!

We are here to give do the installation, balancing, and rotation of tires, not so mention consulting on the best tire option for your vehicle and giving you a GREAT PRICE on the tires! If you've trusted Ali's for the care of your car in the past, you now can get that same great advice and service with everything related to your tires. A big part of that is how we can help to maintain your tires and prolong their life while improving the performance of your vehicle even more than ever before.

When Woodinville needs any type of expert, quality repair then they call on Ali's Woodinville. We are proud to serve the community and look forward to meeting you and your car or truck.  Contact us today at 425-420-1630.

Tire Rotation, Balancing & More, Right Here at Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair
Tire performance and their longevity are dependent upon having them properly balanced on the rim and the mounting position on your vehicle. We are proud to be providing tires to our long-time or new customers because we have the ability to ensure the safety of our customers more than ever! Tire rotations are done on-time will help to reduce wear on the tires and lengthen the time between purchasing new sets of tires.

We also are here to fix your flat tires, provide rims and wheels, and do snow tire change-overs just like any pro tire shop would! We're excited to take one more stop off your plate and provide you with another VERY IMPORTANT set of services!

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